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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions about starting a new project no matter the size. We answer all our clients' questions before we begin any organization job or project. Here are a few of the more common questions we have heard from clients. Don't hestitate to contact us with these questions and any others you may have.


How do I get started?

Contact Project Organize 615 through our website contact form, email or phone 615.538.8241. Project Organize 615 will reply to your inquiry and/or call to discuss your project needs. We offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consult to learn about your project, answer questions, and schedule an in-home consult so we can meet, review your space and discuss your project in more detail.

what if I don't know where to start?

That’s okay. Project Organize 615 will talk with you to understand your goals and needs, then create a plan and review it with you to help get your project started.  



A consult is an opportunity for the homeowner and Project Organize 615 to meet. Consults usually last an hour. If the project is large in scope or if there are multiple projects the consult may take longer. Project Organize 615 will ask questions to understand the homeowner’s goals for the project and to find out what’s working and what’s not working. We may ask for you to show us other areas of your home. This is helpful for planning, especially if the project space includes items that may need to find a new home or may be a pre-requisite before actually tackling the area in discussion. Project Organize 615 may take pictures and measurements to help with planning and creating a proposal for the project.

what is the cost for a consult?

Our 20 minute phone consult is complimentary. In-home or office consults are $50 / hour. 

what happens after the consult?

Project Organize 615 creates a proposal and provides an estimate for your project.  Projects may be broken into phases based on your project goals or areas of focus. Project Organize 615 will work with you to schedule an agreeable date.

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do i have to be home when project organize 615 is working on my project?

If you are an active participant in the project you need to be at home during the project.  Otherwise, Project Organize 615 will do the work. We put items to the side if a decision needs to be made by the homeowner.  We also provide status reports to let you know what was completed, next steps for the project, homework items for the homeowner, and recommendations for the homeowner. We are happy to meet contractors on the homeowner’s behalf.

what should i expect wHEN project organize 615 arrives to begin work?

The Project Organize 615 team will be in leisure wear to allow for ease of movement while working on the project. Each team member has a Project Organize 615 tote bag to designate they are part of the team. The team checks in with the homeowner to review the plan for the day and asks the homeowner to sign the contract. The team comes prepared with a plan and gets to work. Depending on the schedule, the team may bring a lunch and take a 15 – 30 minute lunch break.

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what should i budget for my project?

All projects are unique – the space, the items in the space, the goals and objectives for the space, lifestyle, members of the house, homeowner’s desire to participate in the work, etc. Project Organize 615 will provide an estimate for your project.  We can scale up or down by adding or reducing resources on a project. Actual hours worked are billed hourly. The cost for one consultant is $60/hour and each additional consultant is $45/hour. Services provided by a third party as well as organization products and supplies are the responsibility of the homeowner.

do i need to buy anything for my project?

Project Organize 615 provides basic supplies (post-it notes, markers, label maker, tape, garbage bags, etc.) for each project. If additional supplies (bins, baskets, shelves, etc.) or a large quantity of supplies are needed, this will be discussed with the homeowner prior to the project starting.  Project Organize 615 is available to shop for supplies and materials if desired by the homeowner. If third party services are needed, Project Organize 615 can also help coordinate / schedule if desired.  



do i need to do anything to prepare for the consult?

It’s best to keep things true to reality (whatever that looks like for you at the current time). This allows Project Organize 615 to evaluate your project and create a realistic plan for you.

do you feel embarrassed, frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless?

Don’t worry, it’s okay to have these feelings. That’s why I started Project Organize 615. I understand, life happens. Sometimes we are in full survival mode. I get it. As a mom of two teenagers and a former management consultant I know how busy life can be. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s no different than calling in a handyman, a cleaning service, a lawn care expert, etc. Everyone needs to reset from time to time. Life changes and throws us curve balls. Project Organize 615 is here to help create a plan and work with you, provide coaching or get to work on your project.

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how do you know what to get rid of? I don't know what I want to get rid of?

Project Organize 615 will dispose of garbage, expired items or broken items. All other items will be placed to the side for the homeowner to make a final decision. If we find duplicates of an item, we sort those items and leave them to the side for the homeowner to make a decision. Project Organize 615 does not get rid of anything unless the homeowner gives us approval. Project Organize 615 will provide strategies to help and talk with the homeowner so the homeowner is better prepared to make decisions.


things clients have shared before a project starts:

  • “I feel paralyzed by the chaos. I’m like a deer with a frozen stare into a headlight.”

  • “I have no idea where or how to start.”

  • “I used to be organized/an organized person.”

  • “I feel a need to clean before you come so I won’t be embarrassed.”

  • “I apologize for the condition of my home.”

  • “I don’t want to spend a ton of money on containers or solutions.”

Things clients have done or said after a project is finished:

  • A smile across their face

  • “Wow, I’m beyond pleased and amazed with the outcome.”

  • Hugs and smiles

  • “I had no idea this space could be so functional and pretty at the same time.”

  • “This makes me so happy!”

  • More hugs

  • “I can’t believe how easy it was. Your ability to make quick decisions and move us forward was extremely helpful.”

  • “I never would have come up with these ideas for this space.”

  • “Thank you for your hard work!”

  • “It’s so much easier working beside you. You bring so many great ideas.”