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News about PO615


News about PO615

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Project Organize 615 has been featured in several news articles shown below.

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Feature 1: Project Inspiration 

As I reflect on my last client project, I get excited just thinking about what we were able to accomplish. My client described the progression and outcome of her project as “a big step forward,” “transforming,” and “life changing.” She was grateful for the hard work the team put in and the lasting effects it will have on her.  She even referred to us as “the dream team.” Each day ended with a warm hug and a huge thank you, filling my tank even more. This is why I founded Project Organize 615!

My client is organized and her house is tidy. When she contacted Project Organize 615, her problem was storage. Closets, cabinets, attic space, and storage rooms were full and it was becoming difficult to find things she needed and to put things away. Over the years, like what happens to many of us, the spaces filled up with the normal accumulation of kids’ artwork, school papers, journals, clothes, toys, photos, luggage, art, linens, furniture, seasonal décor, family heirlooms, letters and keepsakes. Add in a couple household moves and grown children who left the nest while all their childhood keepsakes remain behind and organization becomes, at times, overwhelming. The boxes began to stack up. 

My client felt it was time to edit and organize her home. She said getting the help she needed to organize her house was just like hiring a handyman to make a repair or to complete a project. In fact, this is how she presented it to her husband. She needed help to organize her house just as he needed help to paint a room, change a light fixture or stain the deck. She needed help identifying where to start, putting a plan in place and tackling the work. She called in Project Organize 615 (PO615) to take her house back. She even identified areas of concern in advance by putting notes marked “PO615” around her house. It became her call for help!

This article was published in June 2017 .

Feature 2: Ready, Set, Get Organized!

Clutter and disorganization can create a distraction in your mind and stress in your life. This summer lunch and learn event was a hit! We had a great turn out with 30 neighbors and friends in attendance, all with lots of energy and passion for organization. Amy Delaplain, owner of Project Organize 615, was joined by guest speaker and friend, Julie Berry, owner of Berry Organized Photo Organizing. Lunch was catered by our friends at Giardino Salads Brentwood.

Project Organize 615 had such an amazing time at our first LaurelBrooke Lunch and Learn! We enjoyed teaching how to get and stay organized and sharing some simple organization tips and solutions. Berry Organized enjoyed teaching about preserving your memories through photo organization and sharing archival tips. Thank you to all our neighbors and friends who came out! We look forward to our next community organization social event. Be on the lookout for a Fall activity!

The feature was written after Amy Delaplain spoke at a local Lunch and Learn event in June and was published in September 2017.

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Feature 3: Wine Women & SHoes EVENT

Amy helped organize (of course!) the fifth annual Wine, Women & Shoes event in February 2017. Amy was the co-auction chair for this event.

The generosity of the Nashville community was fabulously displayed during the fifth annual Wine Women & Shoes presented by Regions Bank. On Saturday, February 18, 2017 more than 650 women -- and a few dozen men -- came together to support the Domestic Violence Services of YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee, raising more than $340,000. We are THRILLED to say YWCA’s budget goal was beat and are officially at nearly $345,000. The Nashville community is standing up for change along with Laurelbrooke residents, Amy Lieberg-Delaplain and Amanda Weeks-Geveden to help end domestic violence!