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Amy writes about organizing homes & managing projects

PO615's blog introduces you to services from managing clutter or unpacking from a big move. Sit back and enjoy the progress.

Reflection, Inspiration and Fulfillment

As I reflect on my last client project, I get excited just thinking about what we were able to accomplish. My client described the progression and outcome of her project as “a big step forward,” “transforming,” and “life changing.” She was grateful for the hard work the team put in and the lasting effects it will have on her.  She even referred to my team as “the dream team.” Each day ended with a warm hug and a huge thank you, filling my tank even more. This is why I founded Project Organize 615!

Project Inspiration

My client is organized and her house is tidy. When she contacted Project Organize 615, her problem was  storage. Closets, cabinets, attic space, and storage rooms were full and it was becoming difficult to find things she needed and to put things away. Over the years, like what happens to many of us, the spaces filled up with the normal accumulation of kids’ artwork, school papers, journals, clothes, toys, photos, luggage, art, linens, furniture, seasonal décor, family heirlooms, letters and keepsakes. Add in a couple household moves and grown children who left the nest while all their childhood keepsakes remain behind and organization becomes, at times, overwhelming. The boxes began to stack up. 

My client felt it was time to edit and organize her home. She said getting the help she needed to organize her house was just like hiring a handyman to make a repair or to complete a project. In fact, this is how she presented it to her husband. She needed help to organize her house just as he needed help to paint a room, change a light fixture or stain the deck. She needed help identifying where to start, putting a plan in place and tackling the work. She called in Project Organize 615 (PO615) to take her house back. She even identified areas of concern in advance by putting notes marked “PO615” around her house. It became her call for help!

It can be overwhelming and emotional during the clearing and editing process. And it’s true, the space will get worse before it gets better. It’s part of the process. But with the mess and clutter clear, the overwhelming feelings dissipate as you continue to move forward and work through it. Calling in help will get you through it.

My client also wanted to break a cycle that she believed was passed down from generations before her. Her father and grandfather both had large collections of various items that were fairly well organized, but in addition they accumulated a lot of belongings. Items were stored or hung in every available space, nook and cranny. Many items were stored, never to be used again. She found a picture of her father’s garage. This was just the inspiration she needed to call on PO615 for help.

With this project, I was able to tap into all three of my passions -- helping others, organization and tackling a project – to help my client achieve her goals. I like the hard work because seeing progress as a detailed plan is carried out can be very satisfying for me as well as for my clients. From the start through the end of the project, we were both motivated and energized. It’s a great reason to start the next project.

Client's Storage Room, one of many areas that was cleared out, edited and organized

Client's Storage Room, one of many areas that was cleared out, edited and organized

Client's Inspiration, old picture of father's garage

Client's Inspiration, old picture of father's garage