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Amy writes about organizing homes & managing projects

PO615's blog introduces you to services from managing clutter or unpacking from a big move. Sit back and enjoy the progress.

Introducing Project Organize 615

Hello neighbors, my name is Amy Delaplain and I’m excited to announce the launch of my new business, Project Organize 615 LLC, a local business based in Franklin, TN.

A former management consultant and project manager, I am leveraging 20 years of corporate experience with my organization “super power” and my passion for helping others to begin a service-centered business. Project Organize 615 provides expert home project management and organizational services using the business model of keeping clients informed and creating unique plans for each task no matter how big or small. My mission is to help clients ease their workload and reduce stress when it comes to those extra projects and incomplete to-do lists.  

As a mom of two teenagers, I know how difficult it can be to work, manage the house, manage and complete projects, and keep things organized. Let me partner with you on your next project so you don't have to go it alone. Project and home management is in my DNA. My grandmother, mother, and sister all share the same detail-oriented, planning, and organization gene, or as I like to call it “super power.”

Detailed and competitive by nature, I tackle every project, no matter the size, by creating a plan and putting it into action. My husband often comments on my inability to sit down for just five minutes, but I can’t help myself. I love tackling projects and always have at least one going.

I enjoy meeting people and working with them to understand how I can help. If I can minimize stress by lessening the workload or creating an organized and efficient space so others can enjoy time doing more of what they love, everyone wins. Whether it’s managing a project or organizing a space, I find it very rewarding, especially seeing the end-result through my client’s eyes.

Follow and share my Facebook page ( to see how I can help you and your friends on your next project. If I haven’t already, I hope to meet you soon.