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Organizing with Intent

The first step to organization is preparation. When preparing to organize, set goals, visualize the end game, prioritize objectives, and have the right mindset. This will help you stay focused on your plan.  

When you are setting goals, you must focus on the bigger picture. What do you have to gain by tackling this project? How can this organization change the way you live? Take a pen to paper and write these things down. This is step one!

Next is visualizing your desired result. What do you want the space to look like? How do you work best? Go online or look through magazines to find your inspiration. Tear out pictures, create a lookbook, place your inspiration where you will see it. When you set goals and visualize them, you are more likely to follow through. To seal the deal, tell someone who will keep you accountable and ask them to check in with you on your goal.

Now it’s time to prioritize. Be realistic about what you can take on. Break down your objectives into smaller projects keeping your schedule and energy in mind. Consider starting small so you can see quick results and build momentum. Be careful, it can be contagious! Reflect on the old adage, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Lastly, get in the right mind set. Keep in mind your space will get worse before it gets better. Leave your emotions out. Respect yourself, your space, and your belongings. What do you really need? Are you able to move about comfortably and locate things easily in your home? Are your belongings being taken care of properly or serving a function?  Plan ahead, take immediate action, and appreciate what you have left. 

Getting organized isn’t always easy. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. Revisit your goals and vision often as you organize. This will help you to stay focused and motivated. If you find any or all of these steps overwhelming, require guidance, encouragement or help along the way, or need someone to organize your space for you, a professional organizer can help you learn the techniques and achieve your desired organized state.

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