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Were You Born with the Tidy Gene?

Some of us are naturally organized but it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Were you born with the tidy gene? Don’t worry if you weren’t. Being organized is a skill anyone can learn. It may mean developing a new set of habits. Or devising systems to support the way you naturally think and operate. In all circumstances, remember to consider your environment. This includes the space you live in, your schedule and lifestyle, and other family members, friends or four-legged fur babies that live with you. Developing new habits or devising systems to help maintain order will only work if you take all of these into account.

Where you live and how you use your space is personal and unique. Consider the functions performed in each room or area of your home and determine if the items in that room make sense to be stored in that room. Consider if you prefer to have items visible or stored out of site. Some are not bothered by having things out, while others may feel stress or bogged down when items are visible. Consider the frequency of an item’s use and how quickly you need to be able to get to items. Consider the level at which items are stored so they can be easily accessed or kept out of reach for tiny hands and tiny feet.  To organize and maintain organization, you must make decisions and adapt to what makes sense for you and your family.

A general rule of thumb when organizing and maintaining organization is to keep these four steps in mind. 

  1. Keep like items together. Makes it easy to know how much you have and when you need to shop for more.   
  2. Identify one, consistent home for keeping the items. Eliminates searching to find what you are after.  
  3. Get agreement from the entire household on where items will be stored (item’s home). If everyone is on board, there's no question as to where to find something and no reliance on others to locate items.
  4. Return items to their home when finished with the items. Maintains organization in your home by supporting each of the steps above.  

When you are ready to start organizing, take it one step at a time. Focus on small projects, like a drawer or a shelf in a cabinet, to build momentum and to learn what works to help you maintain order in your space. Don’t let it become overwhelming. Don’t strive for perfection. Try out your new organization methods and systems for a period of time. And if it’s not working, make adjustments until you find what works best for you. Focus on making things better, whatever that means for you and your household. Remember your space, your time, and how you live is unique and personal.

If you are unsure where to start, feel overwhelmed, need tools, or just desire help, it’s okay. Many of us have these feelings. The good news is there’s help available to you. Look for a professional organizer in your area. Professional organizers can create a unique plan to help you get and stay organized.

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