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Life Happens, Let It: Tips to Help Stay Organized

You're organized, comfortable and confident in you space. You’ve developed new habits and have systems in place. Then sha-bam, life gets busy with school activities, a special project at work or house guests visiting, upsetting your routine.  It’s normal to fall back into old habits and for things to pile up or get out of place. In fact, a term has been identified for this very situation. It’s called backsliding. Backsliding is when something happens that causes you to slide back into old habits and routines. It’s normal for things to get out of sorts. It happens to us all. And it can happen at any time and for any reason. You just need some tools to help you reinforce your habits and systems and to help you reset.

Here are some tools that may help you avoid clutter and keep things organized:

  • Maintain: Put everything away and put things away in the right place so you are not moving from place to place. This is sometimes referred to as the “one touch” rule. When you touch something to move it, put it away rather than placing it in an intermediate location until it’s placed in its proper home.
  • Create an evening pick up routine. Make it a habit and it will get done. Before you go to bed or after you put the kids to bed, take 15 minutes and make a sweep through your kitchen and main living areas to put things away. When you wake up in the morning, you will be rewarded with no mess.
  • Checks and Balances: Follow the “one in, one out” rule. As new items are brought into the home, remove something to keep your possessions in balance. You may even want to practice the “one in, two out” rule. This prevents your home from getting jam packed with things.
  • Respect your space: Don’t fill your space, just because you have room. It’s human nature to fill a space and not to get rid of things causing spaces to fill up. Consider this as you put things in closets and storage areas. Are you holding on to items that you never use or no longer need? Treat your space as valuable real estate. Protect and respect your space so only your favorite items are on display and only treasured keepsakes and décor are stored away.
  • Tune and Tweak: Revisit and adjust your systems as needed. Systems set up to help maintain order may not always be perfect and may require some tweaking and fine tuning to get right. If a system is not working, review what’s not working and make adjustments until the system works for you. Life changes, circumstances change, your systems may require adjustment too.

A new job, a new activity, a new family member, a renovation, an illness or a new hobby, any of these may upset the systems you have in place and habits you have developed. Stay calm if this happens. Use the tools above to try to help restore order. Take a few minutes to review what’s working and what’s not working. Make adjustments to your systems and give those adjustments a fair trial before making more changes.

If you are unsure where to start, feel overwhelmed, need tools, or just desire help, it’s okay. Many of us share these feelings. The good news is there’s help available for you. Look for a professional organizer in your area. Professional organizers can create a unique plan to help you get and stay organized.

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