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Organizing and Preparation Tips for Healthy Eating Success

Our guest co-blogger is one of our very own, organizer extraordinaire and health coach, Jennifer Chislett. Today, we share tips on the two areas Jennifer is most passionate about: home organization and healthy eating. After all, the two go hand in hand when it comes to sustaining a well balanced diet!

First things first, start by clearing out the contents of the refrigerator and giving it a thorough cleaning. Toss old or expired items. Show some love by giving the refrigerator  a fresh sparkle. It’s amazing how bright and clean the shelves can be using a 50 / 50 white vinegar and water mix. You can even store the spray bottle of vinegar and water in the refrigerator. Don’t like the smell of white vinegar? Give apple cider vinegar a try!

Now you’re ready to stock up on fresh and healthy foods. Before heading to the grocery store, plan your meals, make a list and stick to it! Meal planning is half the battle when it comes to shopping. Without a list you are more likely to fill your cart with unhealthy items. It’s even more dangerous if you feel tired or hungry when making your grocery run. Did you know the most healthy items can be found around the perimeter of the store? Avoid the aisles to help keep your temptations at bay!

Finish up by preparing and organizing food into zones. Having the right foods is a start, but preparing the food for quick grab-and-go snacks and meals is key. Also, just like any other household organizing, keep like items together in the refrigerator. This makes it easier to find what you are after and know what needs to be restocked. Create zones for fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, grains, snacks, beverages, condiments, and sauces.

Ready to get started? Continue reading for tips on food preparation and organizing your refrigerator for healthy eating success:

Fruit Stock the fruit drawer with fresh apples, oranges, grapefruit & grapes. Prep ahead on Sunday by washing all the fruit and peeling any that you plan to take for lunch. Detach and wash grapes in a salad colander and put them in easy-to-go bags. Also, I always have frozen berries and bananas in my freezer for smoothie making.

Veggies Clean and cut vegetables and put them in bags or glass containers for easy grab-and-go or to make meal preparation a breeze. Store the vegetables in a location where they are visible. Use clear bins to keep them all together in one place. It only takes a few minutes to prep veggie bags for the entire week. Mix it up with sugar snap peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower. Think the colors of the rainbow to keep your taste buds engaged!

Non-Dairy or Low-Fat Dairy Plain, unsweetened, Greek yogurt is a great choice or cashew yogurt is delicious too! Place on the top-shelf for easy grab and go. To sweeten it up just add some fresh berries or a few drops of honey. Go for low-fat milk instead of cream and part-skim cheese is always the healthier option.

Lean Protein Stick to unprocessed proteins like chicken, salmon, tofu, legumes and eggs. Extra points if you grill and slice your chicken at the beginning of the week, so it’s ready to pile on salads. I always keep at least 4 hard boiled eggs in my fridge as it’s an easy protein to have as a snack or add to a salad. Store the eggs in the original egg container and mark with an “H”.

Whole Grains Cook a pot of brown rice, quinoa, or your favorite whole grain on Sunday. Whole grains hold up nicely in the fridge! Then use them as the base for nourishing grain bowls, cold grain salads or sides all week. Store in the same size containers for easy stacking.

Snacks Ditch the french onion-dip and go for hummus instead. Stock up on avocados and create a quick guacamole dip by adding tomatoes, onion and garlic. The veggies you prepared pair nicely with both of these delicious dips!

Water Get your sparkle from water. Make the switch from sugary drinks and stop buying soda, juice, and even diet drinks. Nothing’s better than water! But you can still give it a twist. Stock a few different flavors of sparkling water, or try infusing with fresh fruit and herbs. Keep a pitcher of infused water in your refrigerator for spa-like treatment everyday!  

If you are unsure where to start, feel overwhelmed, need tools, or just desire help, a professional organizer can create a unique plan to help you get and stay organized. We also help with meal planning, shopping, or organizing your kitchen, pantry or refrigerator.

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