Home Organization and Project Management Services





Home organization services help you declutter and put systems in place to make things more manageable. We will devise a plan and review the plan with you. Then we can work the plan together, have periodic check-ins if you would like to run with the plan, or complete the work and unveil the end result. We provide services for:

  • Organization of closets, offices, pantries, playrooms, and more
  • Decluttering and/or home staging in preparation for a move
  • Unpacking and organizing post move
  • Working with empty nesters or seniors to declutter and downsize
  • Financial bill pay set up and file management
  • Personal shopping
  • Documenting and valuing tax donations



Organize closets, offices, pantries, playrooms and more    

Bring order to your life by letting us help you declutter and organize spaces and rooms. PO615 can add systems to control household clutter. We can also shop for organization products.

Declutter and stage home for move    

Let us declutter and stage your home in preparation for listing your home. 

Unpack and organize post move    

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences for a household. Don't let that happen. We can step in to help you purge in preparation for a move prior to packing. Then PO615 will coordinate packing. We will even unpack and organize items in your new living space.  

Work with seniors to declutter and prepare for downsize    

The idea of downsizing can be overwhelming for seniors. We can help identify items to bring to your new living space. PO615 will organize donations and coordinate items to be hauled away or to auction. 

Financial bill pay and file management    

Bringing experience from the corporate world, PO615 can set up bills for recurring or automated payments, then create and organize files so you can manage your personal business like a pro.

Personal shopping  

If you don't have the time or energy, PO615 can shop for items for decorating, organization, events, etc.

Record and value tax donations     

Recording and itemizing items for donation is often overlooked. Let PO615 coordinate pick up of donations or take donations to donation center. We will provide a receipt and log for donated items so your records are in order and ready when you need them.