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project management services

Project management services may include any or all activities from defining and planning the project, managing and executing the plan, tracking and communicating status, and bringing the project to closure. We provide services for:

  • Estate and home project management    
  • Event management    
  • Household moves  
  • Procurement and invoice management    
  • Insurance claims management




Estate and home project management

PO615 can help you identify a plan, coordinate activities and resources, manage efforts and monitor progress for room renovations, redecorating projects, home construction projects, outdoor space transformations, home maintenance projects, landscape and garden projects, outdoor living spaces, estate operations and more. 

Event management    

PO615 can help you identify and manage plans in preparation for meetings, parties, and events.

Household move  

Let PO615 plan, coordinate and manage the pre-move checklist, the move checklist and/or post move checklist. We can assist at any point in the process or through entire process of moving.

Procurement and invoice management    

Take the stress out of managing your paperwork. PO615 can review orders for services and products, verify services and products received meet expectations, match invoices against payments, organize and file paperwork.

Insurance claims management  

Keeping up with claims can be our job. PO615 can submit claims, review invoices, verify explanation of benefits against invoices, track claims, organize paperwork and files for health insurance, pet insurance, and home insurance.